How to play the Township Game

how to play township

Township is a game where you build a region which may be a town or city, enter a co-op and take part in a regatta. Below are the steps in the article that show you how to play the game.

When you first load the game and how to hack Township, there will be a user guide on how to play the game. This involves helping friends, labeling your town and nurturing your animals, etc. as you level up, you’ll be focused on other big things such as zoos, airports, mine, etc. so when the app asks you to name your place, you should avoid calling it “township” like many people do, creating widespread confusion. So, go for a name that’s special and imaginative in describing your city or the factory world you’re making. E.g. Salt lake town

The next move will be to invite some friends, go to the “Find Friends” tab, and approve requests in the pending section. Try to pick up a couple of friends that fit your standard. Make sure you’re interested in seeing their town develop while you look after your own. You can give them 5 gifts a day. If you’re a leader, you can even invite them to be a co-op. This can only be achieved if you’re at level 19 or above.

Make good use of your factories to manufacture products, this will be very helpful in filling your friend’s train cars, aircraft containers, and loading deliveries in the helipad. The helipad is easy to use, since you can determine whether or not you want to fill it, based on your desired operation.

You can grow and harvest crops, as you can swipe through the fields to grow them. And you can farm them either by swiping through the fields or by double-tapping them. More crops will be available when you level up, and it will cost you more to plant them if they take a long time to grow.

Several in-game currencies include coins and T-cash that can be won by completing a wide range of tasks. While coins are easier to collect. And sometimes you can buy these currencies with your real money.

The next thing to do is decorate your town, by clicking on the “decoration button” you’ll be able to get some nice features to decorate your place, and these cost coins and T-cash that’s worth it. If you don’t supply the town with the requisite decorations, the locals would complain in the little bubbles coming out of the buildings. When you build community buildings, your population capacity will increase, if that capacity is high enough, you can buy houses and if you build them, the population will increase. You can buy special structures, factories, and fields to cultivate crops.

To keep the population up and purchase homes, you need to build community facilities that exceed the current population limits. Factories and farm animals are important for the development of goods.

Restore your airport as it is where you pack the goods and send them back to the plane for incentives. They’ve got time constraints, so you need them to fill up fast. This is going to be unlocked in level 17.

You may send ships to the islands to get fruit, and this completion of the tasks involves a port. You’ve got to buy ships and islands when they’re unlocked at level 29. You can also restore the zoo, unlock it at level 40, and restore the mine unlocked at level 21.

And I would like to finish by suggesting that you should not use any cheats or codes that are available on the Internet. If you do so, you will be reported and barred, which does not mean that you will be barred from having excess in-game currencies that are legitimately brought in. But always play fair, or else you’re going to face the consequences.