Premium Roblox

Premium Roblox

Are you a fan of Roblox? for how long have you been in the game? For those who have been playing the Roblox game for many years, they fully understand what Premium Roblox is all about and how to get roblox premium. They also understand the different transitions that have been witnessed on Roblox membership over the years and the benefit of each.

Why Premium Roblox

Premium Roblox is simply a membership plan that is renewed every month. The subscription differs with the category an individual selects and the good thing with it is the benefits that comes with it. Regardless of the membership category you select, most of the benefits enjoyed are almost the same. However there are some differences especially on the amount of free monthly Robux received.

The good thing with being a Roblox Premium member is that the subscription fee is very low compared to its benefits. There are three different categories on the Premium Roblox membership with the cheapest going for $4.99. The second subscription goes for $9.99 while the highest goes for $19.99.

The Difference Between Builders Club and Premium Membership

Although initially people thought that there was no difference between the two, with time, the difference is now clear. Some of the differences include:

1.       The Benefits

With the Builders Club members, there were some differences in the benefits the members of different categories received. For example, the number of groups you could form or join highly depended on the category of your membership. However, with the Premium Membership, members enjoy the same benefits.

Regardless of the category of your membership, you can create and be in a total of 100 groups regardless of your membership. It is high time you took advantage of this providence to join as many groups as possible.

2.       Developer Exchange Program

For the Builders Club members, the benefits members enjoyed highly depended on the category of their membership. However, with the Roblox Premium membership things are very different. As long as you have the membership icon attached to your name, you will be able to enjoy any benefit on the Developer Exchange Program.

3.       Membership icon

For Builders Club members, each category had a different icon. This made it easier to differentiate between members of the three categories. This has been changed with the Premium Roblox membership. Regardless of the level of your membership, you all share the same icon. This explains why all members enjoy the same benefits regardless of the category of their membership.

4.       Free Robux

Although there are some similarities when it comes to the number of free Robux one is entitled to, there is also some difference. In Builders Club Membership, members received the free Robux on a daily basis. However, with the Roblox Premium membership, members receive their free Robux upon renewing their membership.


Today, it is easier to enjoy all the benefits that Roblox Premium membership has to offer. All you will need is 4.99 USD (real money) to subscribe to the lowest membership category and you will be good to go.